Historical Books

This web page provides a list of historical books that may be of interest to Nova Scotia genealogists.  All of these books are either out of copyright or have been made publicly available by the copyright holder.

An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova-Scotia, Thomas Chandler Haliburton, 1829.
A History of Nova Scotia, or Acadie, Beamish Murdoch, 1865-1867.
History of Nova Scotia, David Allison, 1916.
Place-Names of the Province of Nova Scotia, Thomas J. Brown, 1922.


History of the County of Annapolis, W.A. Calnek and A.W. Savary, 1897.

A History of the Island of Cape Breton, Richard Brown, 1869.

Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County: Down to the Present Time, Thomas Miller, 1873.

A geography and history of the country of Digby, Nova Scotia, Isaiah W. Wilson, 1900.

Guysborough Sketches and Essays, A.C. Jost, 1950.

History of Inverness County, J.L. MacDougall, 1922.

The History of Kings County, A.W.H. Eaton, 1910.

History of the County of Lunenburg, M.B. DesBrisay, 2nd edition, 1895.

A History of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia, G.  Patterson, 1877.

The History of Queens County, N.S., James F. More, 1873.

A History of the County of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, J.R. Campbell, 1876.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; A Sequel to Campbell's History, George S. Brown, 1888.

Towns and Cities

 A history of Barrington township and vicinity Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, 1604-1870; with a biographical and genealogical appendix, Edwin Crowell, after 1911 (exact publication date unknown).

History of Halifax City, T.B. Atkins, 1895

A History of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Frank H. Patterson, 1917.

Annals of Yarmouth and Barrington (Nova Scotia) in the Revolutionary War, E.D. Poole, 1899.

Yarmouth, past and present : a book of reminiscences, J. Murray Lawson, 1902.

The Chignecto Isthmus, and its first settlers, Howard Trueman, 1902

Nova Scotia's industrial centre, New Glasgow, Stellarton, Westville, Trenton : the birthplace of steel in Canada, 1916.


The Eaton family of Nova Scotia, 1760-1929, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, 1929

History and genealogy of the Houghton family, 1896.

Chronological history of the Mosher family from the seventeenth century to the present date, William Mosher, 1891.

Elsie Thoresen Collection, Elsie Thorensen
Elsie Thoresen Collection 
First Name
Last Name
Book 1 Aalders, Ronald Eugene Beaver, Dale Allen
Book 2 Beck, Angus Bolivar, William
Book 3 Bond, Benjamin Larry Carver, Wallace Ivan
Book 4 Casciato, Thomas Conrad, Douglas William Alvin
Book 5 Conrad, Earl Raymond Conrad, M. Trent
Book 6 Conrad, Vaughn Seaforth Crosby, Lloyd Edwards
Book 7 Cross, Barry Cross, Wayne
Book 8 Crouse, Lorraine De Young-Martin, Paul
Book 9 Dibbin, (R.) Fenton Ewing, Paul
Book 10 Facey, Ron
Fox, Robert Clyde
Book 11 Frail, Charles
Gow, Walter Alexander
Book 12 Grace, Rocklyn W. Hart, Winston
Book 13 Hartlen, (unknown) Hartman, Clarence
Book 14 Hartling, David Hartling, William Steward
Book 15 Hartwell, Robert C. Hebb, Guy M.
Book 16 Hebb, Harold B. Hiltz, Michael
Book 17 Himmelman, Agus Hirtle, Auburn
Book 18 Hirtle, Bary Curtis Hirtle, Clyde Allen
Book 19 Hirtle, Colin Erbin Hirtle, Everette Leonard
Book 20 Hirtle, Fenton Hirtle, Harry David
Book 21 Hirtle, Hector Hirtle, Jessen E.
Book 22 Hirtle, Joan Barbara Hirtle, Lawrence Havelock
Book 23 Hirtle, Harold Hirtle, Norwood
Book 24 Hirtle, Obediah Hirtle, Robin Lee
Book 25 Hirtle, (Herbert) Rodney Hirtle, Walter W.
Book 26 Hirtle, Warren David Hyson, Gilford
Book 27 Illworth, Jody Garfield Kirkland, Jack J.
Book 28 Knickle, Byron Lego, Herbert E.
Book 29 Leimbach, Horst Lyons, Robert
Book 30 Mabon, William Alan Stuart Mailman, Lloyd Wilbert
Book 31 Mailman, Marshall Mc Whirter
Book 32 Mecham, Cole W. Mitchell, William Ormand
Book 33 Mobley, Thurman H. Nauss, Vernon Arnold
Book 34 Neal, Lawrence G. Phinney, Harry L.
Book 35 Pickering, Robert Arthur Rhyno, George
Book 36 Rice, Timothy Ryder, Robert Thomas
Book 37 Sabadash, Ron Shupe, Stillman
Book 38 Sibley, (unknown) Snyder, Curtis
Book 39 Snyder, David James Stuart, William John
Book 40 Sullivan, Donald A. Vcelka, Ralph
Book 41 Veinot, (unknown) Walters, Wilson Henry
Book 42 Wamback, Curtic Wayne Wentzell, Joshua
Book 43 Wentzell, Karl W. Whynot, Sheldon Wayne
Book 44 Wiel, Michael Withers, Cecil Michael
Book 45 Wolfe, Abbot Theodore Zwicker, William Herman
Index 1 Aalders, Ashley Brent Hirtle, Isaac D.
Index 2 Hirtle Pynch, Marilyn
Index 3 Quesneil, Karen Grace Zwicker, Mark
Supplemental Index Achuleta, Mandy Zwicker, Albert
Collateral Lines - Book 1 Adams, Henry Fredercks Ernst, Whidden
Collateral Lines - Book 2 Fabas, Francois Masters, Silas Woodworth
Collateral Lines - Book 3 McKitterick, James Newcomb, Zala
Collateral Lines - Book 4 Nixon, Francis Anthony Zwicker, Isaiah
Index to Collateral Lines Abbott, Walter Lafayette Woodworth, Herbert

Relevant Documents from the New England States

Descendants of John Scott of Roxbury and Other Early Scotts, Holman, Mary Lovering, 1919

Maine State Cemetery Listings - the following cemetery listings are available on the Government of Maine website http://www.maine.gov

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